Just about complete


I have yet to refit the two wall lights but as far as the room being completed is concerned it is finished. I am looking for a small unit to place against the wall opposite and facing the windows on which I will place one of the two table lamps I propose to purchase in the near future. It will stand near to where the guitar is in the next to bottom picture. As I write this on Saturday evening the furniture arrived earlier today and at last I am able to actually sit in the room again! Here are the pictures…

In the two top pictures you may be able to just see the red covered top of a four-legged stool standing between the sofa and the cabinet. I am in the process of painting a base unit I made yesterday for the stool to stand on. It has four recessed holes for the legs to sit in and it will spread the load when anyone sits on the stool to prevent the legs digging into the carpet under the weight. The stool is only there if I wish to use the computer while it is on top of the cabinet instead of on my lap. Now that the work is mainly complete I am already thinking about another project I can start in the weeks ahead. Maybe I’ll just shelve the idea for a while.

Shirley Anne


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