Ticking over

Now that I have completed the redecoration and refurbishment of the small lounge at home I am beginning to consider redecorating the main hallway, the first floor hallway, the top floor hallway and the staircases in between them. I am considering hanging new, embossed wall paper and painting over it with white emulsion. I may decide to over-paint the stained wood work with white gloss but if I do it will take much time. Following that I would like to replace the carpets up to and including the first floor in a different colour from what it is now. 

The carpet looks its age and is well-worn and a little discoloured. If it isn’t possible to obtain the exact replacement I am thinking to replace it with one of a different colour, possibly a crimson or dark green colour. If I do replace with a new colour I would only replace the ground and first floors together with the intervening staircase as the carpet above the second floor is very much unworn and in good condition. It is at the moment just at the thinking stage as far as the carpet replacement goes though as far as the decoration goes it may happen far sooner. I have other things to consider in the meantime. Today, that is Tuesday 16th as I write this I actually filled-in my tax return form, took a walk into the village and posted it. I had all the collation work done weeks ago but as usual I wanted the time to recheck figures. The small lounge project prevented me from doing that but on Tuesday morning I finally had the time. This time next year I may be returning an empty form, that is one devoid of any profitable declarations as I may have fully retired by then, who knows? In the afternoon I went on the hunt for a small cabinet and to purchase some scatter cushions for the new suite in the small lounge. 

As you can see I found the cushions (£5 each) but no luck with the small cabinet as yet. I will keep looking though. Following that I went to the pub for an hour, just for drinks and to chat with people for I had eaten earlier.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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