It just happens….

Things, they just happen. On Thursday I was feeling a little fed-up with my lot, not that my lot is that bad but it could be better. Perhaps you will have read yesterday’s post and seen the different things that can happen in any one day. I wake up in the morning often wondering what new set of obstacles I will face during the day. Every day there is usually something that requires my attention and that is the subject of this post in a way. The weather though nice has become more of a burden to me because I don’t like it too hot and especially don’t like high humidity and I will wager many folk don’t like the humidity being high either. So the weather affects me more than I would like to admit and on Thursday things got to me. I felt worn-out and put upon, too many things to cope with and hot humid weather making it feel worse, or rather me feeling worse. I hadn’t done much electrical work in the previous couple of months so I decided to place a stop on my advert with a view to leave it that way for a couple of months. Maybe it was just the weather, maybe it was just that I felt I’d had enough of work, maybe too many things happen at once sometimes, maybe it was a combination of all those things but I somehow felt better after I had done it. However, a lady did call and asked if I could do a job for her elderly mother, simply replace a couple of light fittings. I decided to do it the following morning. So even when I stop working I end up working! Did I say simple? It turned out quite the opposite, conduit boxes in the ceiling packed with wiring, a concrete ceiling (an apartment block) and two awkward fittings by design. So the work took me longer than expected but I was paid more for my effort. Friday turned out warmer and more humid than the previous days but the apartment was cool inside. More watering of the garden was about all that I did in the afternoon, it was too humid and warm to do anything else.

Shirley Anne