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English: Barclay's Bank This is one of only tw...
Barclay’s Bank This is one of only two banks left in the city centre with a properly ornate banking hall, now that Corpus has turned the former Nat West into a library. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, as I write this, is the second of the two national one day holidays we have here in the UK which are or used to be called bank holidays. Traditionally all banks would be closed on those days. Now of course although the buildings owned by the banks are closed on these days banking transactions can still be made over the Internet. Even cash deposits can be made at some banks (buildings) even though they may be closed by posting the cash in an envelope into the machines provided. ┬áMost people however would only be using the banks cash dispensers to make withdrawals during the holiday break. The day itself, that is Monday as I write has been rather ┬ádull, a little damp at times and not so warm, a complete change from what it has been for the most part throughout the month. Today I have remained at home not wishing to go anywhere but that is quite normal for me on these one day national breaks. I remember a time when I used to look forward to days off from work and couldn’t get enough of them but nowadays I find I have that much free time to myself I don’t know what to do with it. I cannot spend it all relaxing, that would be immensely boring for me, no, I have to spend some of it doing something. One problem arises though and that is I find little to interest me apart from work but too much of that I tire of eventually. I am not interested in travelling for the sake of it or to visit some place I have not previously visited and that will be most of the places in the world or even in this country. It’s not that I haven’t travelled in the past, far from it but I have reached that stage in life for me where I just cannot be bothered. There is simply no interest in travelling as far as I am concerned except if it is to meet someone I know. I spent but only a few minutes in the garden today mainly to sit quietly with a cup of coffee but that didn’t last as I ended up digging out a couple of weeds. It doesn’t take long for weeds to grow in places not visited for a day or two and some of them grow quite rapidly when conditions are right. Well the conditions were right during the weekend, we have had plenty of rain! A typical Bank Holiday Monday I hear my UK friends retort!

Shirley Anne