Not long

I have been bemoaning the fact that I have felt bored lately but also lacking a little bit of motivation to do anything. I do have the occasional mood swings though I am happy to say it is only me who is affected. It just happens. Anyway with the prospect of fair weather once more I made up my mind to get up early on Wednesday morning to do a small job in the garden. Whenever I work in the garden I find one thing always leads to another and I have to discipline myself to restrict what I do. However on Wednesday morning that restriction was imposed upon me and in a way I was glad of that. For quite a long time now the raised bed that stands between the two greenhouses has been in need of repair. The top layer of bricks at the end were loose and they needed to be removed and then relaid. That was the work I wanted to do and so after breakfast I was out there in my overalls doing it…….

As you can see the rear layer of bricks, that is those on the left in the picture, are one brick higher than the rest. That was intentional when the bed was originally constructed to prevent spillage between the bed and the greenhouse. Normal access to the bed and whatever is growing in it is from the right-hand-side where the space between the bed and the other greenhouse is greater. At the moment the bed has nothing growing in it except ¬†weeds. Whilst I was relaying the bricks, only eight of them had been loose, I disturbed many woodlice and they are the reason we don’t have strawberries growing there now. Last year they spoiled so much of the fruit by burrowing into it there was little left for us! I may decide to grow potatoes in the bed later as we haven’t grown potatoes there for a couple of years. By the time I had finished the work it was beginning to get too hot in the bright sunshine. I had been shielded from the sun when working on the bed but now it was beginning to swing around and the bed would soon be in full sunshine. Before I decided to stop work I wanted to tidy up the leaves that had accumulated on the other side of the large greenhouse and around the Mound at the other end of the garden. After sweeping up the leaves it was too hot to do much else so I left any other jobs for another day.

Shirley Anne