English: The Forth Road Bridge The unusual sig...
The Forth Road Bridge The unusual sight of the bridge devoid of all traffic because of severe weather conditions. When there is a strong wind blowing motorcycles and high sided vehicles are not permitted to cross, but today conditions were considered to be dangerous to all traffic and the bridge was closed for most of the day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been confined to staying in the house today, that is Tuesday 6th as I write this and all because of the weather. I did venture outside a few moments ago in order to lower and remove the flag because of the high gusty winds we are presently experiencing. Gusts of up to 50 mph make being outside a bit of a struggle to walk about in and as for the flag, well the top speed the wind reaches before we need to take it down is 35 mph as recommended by the supplier of both the pole and flag. It is unusual for it to be so windy at this time of year hereabouts but as we all know, the weather has changed a lot for each of us during the last few years. We cannot complain about the current weather conditions after the recent warm long spells we’ve had, that too unusual. Anyway as I am not presently doing any electrical work there is no real need to be going anywhere except for walks, appointments and social activities and I have little of those just now. My social life is limited to the occasional visit to the pub these days. Who wants to be out in the wind anyway? The weather doesn’t prevent me from going to the pub of course as if it is so bad I drive there. I don’t have to worry about drinking alcohol because I stopped drinking alcohol a few years ago. I prefer to walk to the pub though, except when the wind is high. I feel like a hermit, a recluse, hiding away from the world when I stay at home with nothing to do but be that as it may I often stay at home when the weather is good and I have things to do. Strange person I am. It’s a little like a catch twenty-two situation with me, whatever I do I am sometimes uncomfortable doing it! If I remain at home I feel I want to go out and if I go out I feel I want to be at home. how silly is that? Definitely a strange person. Maybe I ought to be confined?…….Just thinking. Junk mail, unsolicited phone calls make being at home annoying for me. at least when I am out I can leave the phone at home if I please. Perhaps I take things too seriously and should chill out a little but I sure don’t want to do that out and about in the wind!

Shirley Anne