Polling day

Polling station sign, London. UK general elect...
Polling station sign, London. UK general election (and local council elections), 6 May 2010. This sign was outside a polling station (normally a primary school) in Camberwell, London SE5. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here in the UK today, Thursday, people have been going to the polling stations to cast their vote for which political party they want in government for the next four years. As I write this on the day it will be Friday morning before we know the results of the poll. I was up early for I wanted to cast my own vote soon after the polling station was open at seven o’clock but only managed to do it at eight-thirty. I returned home for breakfast. It wasn’t a particularly nice morning for we had blustery wet weather. By noon however that changed as the sun began to shine. I was in two minds as to whether to eat out or stay at home. There has been much political turmoil over the last twelve months since the country voted to leave the European Community which was only to be expected considering the small majority of supporters over those who wished to remain. I voted to leave and still think it was the right thing to do. I don’t believe we should have entered in the first place. Voting of course is an essential part of any democratic process though but some people persist in resisting the tide of opinion against them rather than offering support to strengthen our nation. The opportunity to change things will still remain at the next poll. That is how it works, or should do. When I was younger I took little interest in politics but no so now though that interest is still small. What voting means to me is that I have the opportunity to be a part of the process which affects us all. Whatever the result of the poll I have to go along with it, we all do.

Shirley Anne