What a cock-up!

Well today, Friday, we received the results of the General Election held here in the UK. The existing political party controlling government, the Conservatives (Tories) although remaining the largest party in terms in terms of both votes and Parliamentary seats lost a bit of ground over the next largest party, Labour who actually made gains. It meant that the Conservatives now do not have the overall majority of seats as they had before the election. The Prime Minister, Teresa May, need not have called for an election and indeed it wasn’t necessary but thought it best to attempt to increase her existing majority in view of the forthcoming negotiations with the European Community in order to strengthen her hand in those negotiations.

She now has to carry on with a weaker hand. It will now prove more difficult to get Bills passed through Parliament. I sometimes wonder why people do things the way they do. Aside from reducing her majority other issues have arisen in the wake of the results. I believe the country to be in political turmoil much more now than it was twenty-four hours ago and I just hope we can find our way through it all. I am glad I am not a politician. We all would like to think we could do better but unless we take up the challenge we will never know. As you can imagine there has been much coverage of the election results and the aftermath over the media and I for one have taken a great interest but there is only so much I can stomach. I watched television during the morning but finally switched it off and went for a walk down toward the beach and calling in to the pub on the way back. Today I dined there…..well there’s a surprise! The weather had turned out warm and sunny for the day but wetter conditions were again on the horizon, just in time for the weekend.

Shirley Anne