A scorcher

It was very warm yesterday, that is Saturday 17 th as I write this but today was even hotter and may be hotter still on Monday. Summer certainly has arrived but during the month of May we did see plenty of warm and sunny days too. By the time you are reading this the weather here in the UK has probably turned fresher but still warm. Nice as it may be for many I am not so happy, it’s just too oppressive. I suppose though it is better than sub-zero temperatures and icy-cold winds. Winter is fine with me, in fact all the seasons are fine, it all depends on attitude. It really doesn’t matter anyway as we cannot change a thing. All we can ever do is put up with it or move elsewhere. E had gone out for the day around seven in the morning and I had a day all to myself. After breakfast I took a leisurely walk into town via the back streets and was going to return via the sea front but at the last-minute decided to walk back along the main street, Lord Street (Southport) and then along Rotten Row to once again admire the flowerbeds there. The route into town was quiet as I had expected but once in town everything changed and there were people everywhere. I do not like being in crowds of people so my route back was on the opposite side of the road to the shops. If you know Southport you will know that shops only occupy one side of the main street. This shot was taken by myself about ten to twelve years ago one very early bright and sunny Sunday morning in Spring. The picture is of Lord Street showing the view in the opposite direction to my home. I took many pictures on that day and as it was so early there were hardly any folk around. Later in the morning the streets would begin to fill with people. I don’t know why people flock to towns when it is warm and sunny but suppose it is to be part of the ‘scene’. I was out for a walk but never visit the town centre shops unless my journey is solely to buy something. I simply walk through otherwise as I was doing on Sunday. I was away from home for two hours and it was now just after twelve and roasting hot! There was nowhere to escape the heat except to remain in the cellar where one or two of the rooms never get warm but who wants to spend all day in the cellar? I sat out on the patio under the parasol for a while until it was time for lunch at two o’clock.It was after three before I returned outdoors but the day was now at its hottest! It remained hot and sticky until well into the evening. I did a little gardening later in the afternoon but it really was only a little, it was too hot to do much else. What a scorcher!

Shirley Anne