And now….

I just want it to be fresh and a little cooler but as I write this on Monday it appears we have a couple of more days of really hot weather to endure yet. I have little doubt it will get hot again within the next couple of months but I need respite. I’ve said it before and I say it again, I do not like hot and humid weather except perhaps if I have a sea or an ocean to dive into. well there is a sea close-by to where I live, the Irish Sea but it is hardly a sea I want to go swimming in as it is too cold for the most part.

A map of the Irish Sea. Major ports shown in r...
A map of the Irish Sea. Major ports shown in red; freight-only ports shown in blue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The beach we have here is nothing like the ones found in tropical places though there is plenty of sand! When the tide turns we have to walk a mile or more if we wish to reach the water and when the tide turns again we have to move quickly or get trapped on a sandbank. There are channels, quicksand and mud to contend with in certain parts too. Further along the coast people have lost their lives through ignorance or refusal to respond to the warnings. No, the waters I like to dive into cannot be found hereabouts though there are many beaches round the Irish Sea which are nice, and safe too. As I haven’t taken a beach holiday for many years and am unlikely to in the foreseeable future I have to cool off in other ways. It doesn’t help though when I take a walk somewhere and get all hot and sticky in the process. Funny thing is it seems only to be a problem once I stop. Again I went for an even longer walk today (Monday) and ended up all hot and bothered as they say. I did cool off soon enough though once I was indoors and had taken a cool drink of water. I do take water with me whenever I go walking, even in the cooler months I put a bottle in my bag. It was a week since I did any electrical work and that turned out to be something different to what I had expected. I had been asked to check out a power outlet which wasn’t working but wasn’t told that it had been that way for a long time. I discovered that myself when investigating the fault. A single outlet in a room above their kitchen was the one I had been asked to check but in fact none of the kitchen outlets were working either as they were all on the same circuit. However in order to resolve the problem it would require the floor boards above the kitchen to be lifted. Now then, there was a train set layout covering most of that floor with furniture covering the rest. Below all of that was a carpet of course. They weren’t prepared to put up with the upset to have the work done so I was paid for my time, the minimum charge I levy for any job. In any event I wouldn’t have taken on the work anyway it being more suited for a younger person to do. Well after all I am no spring chicken now! In this heat who wants to be doing anything anyway?

Shirley Anne