Limbo land

Sitting in Limbo
Sitting in Limbo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever been in a situation that leaves you in limbo? Something not happening because of circumstances must be the lot of many I am sure and I am no exception. I am sort of semi-retired just now but undecided whether to make it official. If I leave it too long before deciding it may be too late anyway as the urge to resume may fade away. It is still costing me some money to stay in limbo as I have to keep paying for my public liability insurance in case I return to work. My van remains filled with electrical goods and tools and prevents me from using it for other activities as I might do if I stopped work. I have designs on travelling abroad to visit people but E hasn’t renewed her passport yet so that leaves me in limbo too. Apathy and motivation strike now and then and I find it impossible to make decisions but something has to change or I will stagnate. I think it is partly my age and partly the changes I am facing which are causing my indecision to move on with my life. It doesn’t help when E won’t make decisions either! I would like to visit Eire for instance, that is southern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland for those who might not know, simply because I have never been there.

I don’t usually feel the need to travel for its own sake but this is a country close-by for which I have always had a fascination in seeing. A passport is needed to go there of course. I could travel to Northern Ireland without a passport as it is part of the UK and I’ve never been there either. So the idea of going to Eire remains in limbo too for the time being unless I were to travel alone. Anyway all this is a part of life, nothing to make a fuss over but something to think about. I am uncertain what will happen but I am certain something will.

Shirley Anne