Stupid things

We as humans have so much tradition etched into our lives we end up believing we will in some way suffer for not upholding them. What nonsense, what rubbish! It is this very thing which keeps us under their influence. Why should not the groom see his bride to be on the day of their wedding before it has taken place? After all they have been seeing each other for days, weeks, months and years beforehand. Why suddenly is it considered ‘bad luck’ (whatever that is) to see each other on the day? Old wives’ tales, now tradition and totally pointless.

Chimney sweep in the 1850s
Chimney sweep in the 1850s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Never but never walk under a ladder for that too brings bad luck according to tradition. The only misfortune likely to befall anyone walking under a ladder is the possibility of someone up the ladder dropping something on them, or the ladder itself falling upon them, which is probably a one in a million chance. It is all fear and superstition of course but it is pressed into our upbringing by our parents and their parents before them. Harmless fun I hear many say but is it or is it just simply stupidity? Why do people believe such things? Have they not proven it is all myth for themselves by ignoring the warnings? They say they won’t tempt fortune so carry on in the same old way and go with the flow. I call them sheep for they act like them. One day people will realise that many of the traditions handed down to them are quite meaningless, harmless maybe but why continue with them at all? Here’s a good one, blue for a boy and pink for a girl. Just colours but we made a tradition that is kept but why? Originally the tradition had been the reverse, blue for a girl and pink for a boy but not many people know that. Does it matter? Of course not. My children were told at a very early age there was no such person as Santa Claus but if I had been more steadfast I wouldn’t have persisted in following the false tradition it is as soon as they had begun to learn about it. Had I not become a Christian I would have kept the tradition myself I suppose. Many of the traditions we hold are based on untruths and hearsay yet we still maintain the status quo.

Still from "Seven Years Bad Luck" (1...
Still from “Seven Years Bad Luck” (1921), starring and directed by Max Linder (1883-1925) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



My mother used to tell me and my siblings that we would have seven years of bad luck if we broke a mirror! For heaven’s sake it is only a piece of glass and how many of those got broken in my lifetime? Aha but it was always considered good luck when a black cat crossed our path or if we had a chimney sweep at our wedding! How did we ever manage before we had chimney sweeps?

Shirley Anne