Almost relaxing

Metropolis relaxing after a show...
Metropolis relaxing after a show… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am like a coiled-up spring which quickly unwinds at the slightest opportunity when I ought to be able to relax more often. My problem is that I get bored too easily I suppose. Relaxing for me isn’t always about finding time to sit down and do nothing, it is more likened to taking walks or doing something I don’t usually do. Now taking walks is something I have done much more of this year though they were always a part of my routine anyway. The weather has had its ups and downs over the last few weeks, too hot, a little cool, wet and windy, take your pick. It’s something we in the UK are used to, a case of having to be I guess but growing up in this country makes it that much easier to live with. On Sunday the weather forecast was for it to be warm and sunny but for much of the morning it was anything but that. It was cool and windy. However, things picked up and by eleven o’clock the sun came out and slowly the clouds blew away. I took a walk down toward the beach and when I reached the coastal road it was empty of traffic. It had been cordoned off because of a running event taking place. It is one of a few annual sporting and other events held locally hereabouts. I had forgotten it was taking place. It didn’t prevent me taking my chosen route and by that time it was almost over in any case. Further along the route in a local park was another event and this one looked better supported than the running. It was the annual beer festival! Obviously more people were interested in drinking beer than going for a run.  I returned home through the back streets and those nearest the park were filled with vehicles, no doubt many belonging to the park visitors! I recognised one or two of them as belonging to people I know. Finally I was back home where I joined E who was relaxing on the patio. After lunch we both returned to the patio and stayed there for quite some time. I actually remained seated for more than thirty minutes! Now that is unusual for me. The needs of the garden overtook me though and I ended up doing a small amount of weeding before getting out the hose and watering the plants.

Shirley Anne