No escape

No Escape
No Escape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tuesday was going to be a day in which nothing special would happen. It was a day for rain and dull weather but still a day for going out for a walk. I had arisen quite early and had just finished breakfast as E appeared in her dressing gown ready to have breakfast too. She lives in her dressing gown for the first couple of hours in the day unless she has somewhere to go. I am always dressed for breakfast and ready to go anywhere at a moment’s notice. Ten minutes after eating the house phone rang but I didn’t answer the call. Instead, I dialled recall to see who it was calling. I checked my mobile phone and discovered the same person had called that phone also. I didn’t have my mobile phone with me at breakfast so I had missed the call. I returned the call to see if my electrical services were being called upon and sure enough that was the case. As my advertisement is not being published in the newspaper the call had to be from an old customer or by recommendation from an old customer. It was from an old customer. The problem was that workmen had tried to use a power outlet in the garage to power their grinding machine and it had caused the circuit to fail. Despite the customer’s attempt to re-instate the supply the problem remained. When I arrived there fifteen minutes later I discovered the garage supplies to lighting and power outlet both failed as well as all the house lighting and the bathroom extract fan! Surely they were not all on the same circuit? Yes they were! Totally against all electrical regulations the circuit had managed to remain working for years until the extra load of the grinder brought the problem to light. The ‘fault’ was a blown fuse which I soon had rewired. However, as I pointed out to the customer, the garage needed a new and separate dedicated supply incorporating an RCD unit and circuit breakers. The power and lighting circuits required separating too. The customer asked if I was interested in doing the work but I told him I was now semi-retired and doing very little electrical work. I did reassure him that I would remain available should he require any small job doing, that is until I give up altogether! I remain available for small electrical problems to all my old customers in the meantime. I guess there is just no escape for it is in my nature to help people if I am able. On my return home I got to go for my now regular morning walk.

Shirley Anne