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1st Hole, Royal Birkdale 1st Hole, Royal Birkdale from the stand at The Open on practice day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a difference a day makes. How different a day was Wednesday to those preceding it! Dull and overcast yet still warm and humid with little or no wind but actually I liked it. I could sit outside and not be afraid of getting burned to a crisp if I had forgotten the sunscreen lotion. Thunder and lightning with plenty of rain had been predicted yet there was no hint of any of that until late in the afternoon. As I write this the rain has not yet arrived and neither has the thunder and lightning but that could change in an instant. I didn’t go for my morning walk though not for any particular reason. I spent the whole day at home with E instead. After lunch we sat outside but E returned indoors after a half-hour because at that time she felt the rain was about to fall. I remained outside just sitting in contemplation and admiring my surroundings. I often spend time alone doing that, even when it isn’t so warm. I just like being outdoors. The danger in doing that is that I almost always end up doing something in the garden or my thoughts meander to thinking about possible projects I could begin, not that I mind the prospect. I need to occupy my spare time doing something constructive and what better way than to immerse myself in some small project or another? Wednesday was a day for relaxing, something I tend not to do as often as perhaps I should. Maybe I am just not the relaxing type as some evidently are though when I absolutely need to rest I am the first to admit it and take it. The golf tournament at Royal Birkdale is in its second day as I write this but unless I am out walking I wouldn’t know it. I live pretty close to it too! There have been however more helicopters and small aircraft flying about than is usual around here, one small aircraft has been circling the course (and our house) several times prior to my writing this. So despite the goings on in the neighbourhood it is pretty much a quiet place most of the time.

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