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Addicted to You (Hikaru Utada song)
Addicted to You (Hikaru Utada song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We humans can be addicted to many things though many of the things we can be addicted to are not good for us, there is no benefit from them. I refer of course to drugs both hard and soft in the normal acceptance of the term.

Addicted to Beauty
Addicted to Beauty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tea and coffee are drugs like so many other everyday foods and drinks but they are far from harmful unless huge amounts are consumed, something we are very unlikely to do in the great scheme of things. Aside from these things we can be addicted to watching movies, watching television, gardening, sports activities and so on. With me it was running, I would run for many miles each week, it was an addiction but a beneficial one. Too much of anything isn’t good for us and running can be overdone to our detriment. It is a question of balance.

English: Addicted
 Addicted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Running puts a lot of pressure on the knee joints and the spine to some extent which is why the correct footwear for running was designed and should be worn. They are designed to lessen the effect of impact with the ground as we run. Nowadays I only run on the treadmill at home but have turned to walking outdoors. Now I am finding that walking is becoming an addiction, I just love the exercise. Each day I go out I am wanting to go further and slowly I am doing so. I might intend to go for a short walk but end up going twice the distance. It has been many years since I stopped going for a run and since then my walking has always been limited to one or two miles that is until earlier this year when I began to take my walking more seriously. When I was working full or even part-time and also working on projects at home there was little time for going for a walk unless it was short. Now that I have more time to myself there is nothing to hold me back so I can go out each day as I please. I went for a short walk on Friday which turned out to be far longer than I had intended for as I walk my body is asking for more. I give in because it is pleasurable…..I’m addicted!

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