Enshrined on a board

Another day of two halves in a few ways. That was Friday last week. I was determined to stay in bed just that little bit longer and got my wish. It was after ten o’clock therefore before I got downstairs. I missed breakfast which is quickly becoming a normal thing lately. That I don’t mind and it benefits me too by helping me to curb my eating, not that I eat too much but the pounds are so easy to pile on aren’t they? I ate a banana for a little sustenance before taking a short walk. E smiled whilst remarking that as she knows me only too well that short walk would most likely turn into a longer one. Well I surprised her because I was back home after only a two-mile outing. I had no intentions of going further and as I had told her, I never went for a run every day when I did my running but every second day. Now although walking is far less strenuous I like to take a break from it occasionally though taking a shorter one instead of missing out altogether is normally what I do. I waited patiently for lunch sitting out on the patio with a coffee in the warm sunshine.

Happy Friday

It was warm and sunny but there was a strong wind blowing as it had done for the previous couple of days and was set to continue for a while yet. We ate lunch and during the meal I received a call for my electrical services. I didn’t answer the call at first but they called again and I accepted the work. It was a simple enough job and would be worth the little effort it would take to do it. By now the rain was pelting down though the wind had remained the same. Not a very nice afternoon compared to the morning. When I arrived at the apartment block I was greeted by the caller who told me she had gotten my number from the board in their communal laundry. She showed me and there I was enshrined in my surroundings, that is my card was there for all to see. It had to be why I had the job for I no longer advertise, though I still get offers from old customers or referrals. So although I am gone I am not forgotten. My purse was happy about that and I guess I was too.

Shirley Anne