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I have been on the go for most of my life, always looking for something to do but it has to be something I like doing. My electrical career has been a fascinating experience, never a dull moment and often the work was varied, no two jobs the same. Not only that but I became conversant and experienced in many electrical disciplines as well as in other closely related fields. To put it simply it was enjoyable and held my interest, it still does though I have far less involvement now. This means I have to find other things to occupy my time and again they have to be something I like doing. Over the years I have developed skills in building work and other skills such as plumbing, joinery and so on. This has proven to be beneficial for most of the work around the house I can do myself and save vast amounts of cash in the process by not having to employ someone else. So it helps that I like working with my hands and it gives me great satisfaction whenever I complete a project or small task that needs doing. I have (so far) this summer been enjoying more time to myself and have found the freedom to do what I like when it pleases me very liberating. However I am always thing of things to do so that I never get bored and have recently decided on starting a couple of outdoor projects to that end. Once I get an idea it plays upon my mind until at last I get the ball rolling. I needed more sand and cement and also gate furniture for when I make the gate I have in mind to construct later. First though I have to build a column constructed of bricks, hence the reason for acquiring some. E’s nephew, a builder, has graciously allowed us to take whatever bricks we wanted from his stock. We took 45 and he asked if we wanted more as he wanted to get rid of them. We said we would accept 50 more and he delivered them on Monday morning last week. That was the motivation I needed to go and purchase the sand, cement and the rest. Now, as I write this, I have no excuses to prevent me beginning some of the work………..it just depends upon the weather. I would like to try to make the work last as long as I can but I have a feeling that will never happen!

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