I despair

English: Despair
: Despair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you got good neighbours? Are you on good terms with them? Do you help them when they are in difficulties and need some help? The world would be a better place if we truly loved our neighbour, it is a commandment but there are times when our neighbours make it hard for us that we just make ourselves scarce sometimes. I have a neighbour who often asks if I can help with one thing or another. Usually I just go and do it, in fact I never refuse unless I am genuinely unavailable. My neighbour is a widow, she is around 80 years of age and suffers with emphysema so is incapable of doing many things. She does have a middle-aged son living with her who is long-since separated from his girlfriend but he is incapable too, so he says and in fact I believe him. He is an inspector in the police force and that is about all he is capable of doing and that by his own admission. Whilst his mom is alive I am only too glad to help her but I will be reluctant to remain available once she passes away except for emergencies. He I am afraid is going to have to dig into his pockets and pay someone else do it himself when things need attention. I am not getting any younger and though I will always lend a hand when there is a real need I refuse to be the neighbour who will jump at the chance to fix something for those who won’t help themselves. Last year my neighbour had a new bathroom fitted but couldn’t properly figure out how to use the electric shower and called the plumber several times to check it out. He kept telling her that there was nothing wrong with the shower and indeed there wasn’t. Not satisfied with the plumber’s assessment she asked if I could check it out. There wasn’t a thing wrong with it but I talked them both through the process of how the shower actually works. Well twice again I was called and again found nothing wrong and at the same time showed them how to use the shower describing what to do under certain circumstances if it wasn’t behaving as it should. On Friday she called again and asked me to check it out but I didn’t go there, instead I reiterated over the phone what was happening when the shower water wasn’t heating up. It is all about water pressure. Unless the pressure is above a minimum the unit will not heat the water. It is a safety issue in case the user gets scalded because the heating elements are set high. All that is needed to reset the unit is to turn up the water flow. I keep telling them that the water flow determines how hot the water gets at a given electric element setting. I mentioned to E later that it would be easier to train a chimpanzee on how to use the shower than to have to repeatedly tell her son. Neighbours eh?

Shirley Anne