Repairs and maintenance

I guess you could say that throughout my life I have been engaged in carrying out repairs and maintenance as well as installation work. I am a doer of things if you like, a person who doesn’t mind getting ‘stuck in’ if there is something that needs doing. I do get tired of it occasionally though and take a break but it isn’t long before I want to get back to the routine. I arose fairly late on Tuesday morning even though I had been awake for quite some time. There was no need to rush into the day, I had nothing planned. It was around eleven in the morning that saw E and I sitting in the garden with a drink of coffee just chatting about things. I had been browsing the Internet looking for a supplier of clothes-line posts because I want to abandon an existing pole in the garden and install a new one in a different location. Having said that I haven’t checked to see if it is possible to dig out the old one and just move it though I can foresee a lot of problems with that idea. The existing post we want to replace is behind the large variegated holly tree left of centre in the picture below. If my readers have keen eyesight they will be able to catch a glimpse of it through the foliage. Free eyesight tests too! However I thought there might be an outlet near home which supplies them so I suggested we take a drive to check it out. E mentioned again that we could call into a place where she thought they repaired televisions as it was along the same route. We called there first to check it out. The guy asked us about the problem we were having with the set and then suggested we bring it in so he could attempt a repair. If my readers will remember we had one of a pair of televisions bought some sixteen months ago which, though had hardly been used, suddenly stopped working. It is in the picture below. The original supplier fobbed us off saying it couldn’t be repaired even though they hadn’t inspected it. They did reimburse us with a token £79 but we were left with a practically new set that didn’t work. I returned to the guy about an hour later with the television and left it with him. Hopefully he can fix it, for a fee of course. Anyway we carried on to locate a supplier of posts but alas it was futile, nobody had the type of pole we were after. As I write this I am planning to order one over the Internet instead. The only problem with buying on-line is you don’t get to see the goods beforehand and I like to check things over before making a purchase. During the afternoon E took her mom out shopping whilst I relaxed out on the patio in the warm sunshine. It wasn’t long before I stopped lounging about and I mowed the lawn. I also spent a little time cleaning out the gutters on the greenhouses. One of them supplies a water butt through a small hose which needs to be kept free of debris. In the picture above you can just see the butt to the right of the smaller greenhouse. It is better to use water from the butt to water the plants in the greenhouse because it is rain water and free from additives.

Shirley Anne