I just cannot get away from electrical work since declaring my retirement in April but at least it is now usually only for E and myself at home. A few days ago I received the new garden lights I had ordered over the Internet so I decided to fit them on Friday morning whilst we still had fair weather. The last few days of Autumn have turned dull with hardly any sunshine to speak of but at least it has been warm. I had promised myself I would replace the two light units years ago but as usual that took itself to the back of the queue. 

I think I need to give the cables a coat of paint to help disguise them. There is little else that can be done with surface wiring is there especially as the wall is a solid two-bricks thick one built in the mid-eighteen-seventies! When I took the pictures we hadn’t as yet purchased the lamps so E and I went out shopping again, though not only for lamps! The lights are switched locally on the patio but I have been considering remote control to allow them to be switched on and off from the house. In the meantime we purchased LED lamps which are remotely controlled but only from a maximum distance of five metres. The house is further away. For fun we purchased lamps that change colour either automatically or manually using the control unit. They can also be dimmed though at only three watts apiece that function seems pointless. The colours cover the whole spectrum but can be set at any point. A separate switch leaves them white for normal use. Having done that work instead of getting out the hoe to annoy the weeds in the borders as I was going to do I now have to do that on Saturday……as long as it doesn’t rain.

Shirley Anne