Very sticky

I had spent a night of intermittent sleep sessions but nevertheless finally waking satisfied and rested. I wanted to go for a walk but as it was Saturday I thought I would eat a breakfast first then realised it didn’t matter which day it was, after all I am retired! Having said that I am only retired from my work as an electrician, I have lots of other things now to occupy my time. Anyway after breakfast I had to wait a while before I could go for the walk….naturally so. It was just the right temperature for walking but I didn’t realise the humidity was as high as it was, 87% relative, which is very high. There had been a slight breeze and it was pleasant to be out in. The wind was a little stronger when I reached the coastal road of course and it made the walk easy. However, by the time I had returned home I was sweating profusely and felt hot.

English: Drops of sweat
Drops of sweat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It had been the high humidity making me feel that way because Nature’s way of cooling me down through my sweat evaporating had been restricted. Too much moisture already in the air. The wind had assisted in the evaporation but once I’d stopped walking and gone indoors it felt too sticky for comfort. This is one reason why I like to go for a walk earlier in the day during the warmer months, it is much cooler then. I was able to remain indoors with the windows open enough to allow a cooling breeze to wash over me. Soon I had cooled down to feel comfortable again. The day turned out to be very sunny throughout but the humidity still remained high. I was happy to just relax in it and do nothing for a change.

Shirley Anne