I nearly did

What a cool Sunday morning I woke up to! There was a definite chill in the air perhaps just letting us know that September was only five days away. Autumn would soon be upon us. The day was overcast to begin with but as the morning wore on it became bright, warm and very sunny. It was nine o’clock and I had eaten breakfast an half-hour earlier but now I wanted a coffee and to sit outside on the patio with it. It must have only been thirteen degrees Celsius but as there was hardly any air movement it felt nice sitting there. Not long afterward the sun broke through and it became much warmer. I sat for a time watching the robin flitting around the garden which appears to be his home. We are pretty sure he lives in the bush with the bright green foliage standing left of the new washing line post because we see him entering and leaving it frequently.

I don’t know if you are aware but robins are territorial and will ward-off any other robins who infringe on their territory. That is probably why we don’t see other robins in the garden. I had enough of sitting down and decided to go behind the large holly tree which is on the left in the above picture, and remove the washing line from the old pole standing there. I returned to the patio and removed the line temporarily from the post there in order to use the extra length of line wrapped around it. See in this picture below taken last year.

Now I could attach the line to the new pole and re-attach it to the other. Having done that I hung out the clothing that E had washed in the machine late the previous evening but hadn’t time to hang it. She joined me later and we sat for an hour or so just chatting. It would be after lunch we returned outdoors when we did a little tidying up around the garden paths when E fetched a hoe and we spent some time weeding out this small plot. 

We did however manage to spend more time on the patio later in the afternoon relaxing in the warm sunshine. So I nearly had a completely relaxing day, something I never seem to fully achieve most of the time. Monday morning would probably see me working in the garden at least for a few hours.

Shirley Anne



Author: Shirley Anne

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