Out of the window

After breakfast on Wednesday morning I drove to the electrical supplier and purchased ten metres of cable with which to wire the new power outlet in the garage. I discovered my stock had diminished to zero for that size of cable but that didn’t matter as these days I have little use for what remains of my stock since I retired earlier this year. If I need something I don’t have in stock it can be purchased as required. The cost for the cable? £6.66….Mmm…a little ominous I thought, that number being the mark of the beast (Scripture). Anyway on my return home it was eleven o’clock and I wanted a drink of coffee before starting any work. I called to E to ask if she would like a coffee too but she was drying her hair and wouldn’t be downstairs for another ten minutes. I waited until she came downstairs before making the coffee. Just then she received a call from her nephew who wanted to ask us which of the two options we wanted in the alterations and repairs to the garage roof before the installation of the new roller shutter door in a couple of weeks. The first option, the cheapest, wasn’t what we wanted so we chose the second option which met our requirements. It would cost us £550 but that didn’t matter as much as getting it right. E sent him a text message and he called back asking if he could start the work straight away otherwise we would have to wait a couple of weeks because of his schedule. We agreed he and his crew could come immediately. That meant I couldn’t do the work I had intended to do because I would be in their way and they in mine. My work could wait as it would only take an hour or so and there was plenty of time before it had to be finished. That left me a little high and dry to have my plans fly out of the window with nothing else to do. I find it difficult to do my own thing when there are others working in or around my house because I cannot concentrate in case they require something or information that only I can provide. The work couldn’t be completed in the few hours they were here so they planned to arrive early the next morning to hopefully finish the work before noon and especially before it might rain.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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