Active Sundays

Having not been for a walk for a couple of days I was determined to get out on Sunday morning (10th) but it was slightly later than I would have preferred. That was due to a good night’s sleep because of the work I have been doing lately. Some of those things I have written about in my posts. It was a dry and reasonably warm morning as I set off. I had walked about a half-mile when I saw an acquaintance of mine climbing down a ladder at the house where his friend, another acquaintance lives in an annex. They were involved in cleaning out a gully on the roof of the tall building. After a quick few words I carried on with my walk. I was headed for the coastal road, that part which lies behind the sand dunes where there is a foot and cycle path. I was met by a couple of cyclists and a couple of people out for a run. When I reached the open-to-the-sea section of the road I found many people out walking their dogs, many more cyclists some of whom were obviously on an organised cycle run, more people out running and of course those out for a walk like myself. As I reached the sea front there were people using the street exercise equipment, workers clearing away the built-up sand (a job for life is that one!) and more cyclists, runners and walkers. I noticed that the seafront car park was filled with vehicles and I thought that odd as it wasn’t particularly a fine morning for a trip to the seaside to sit on the beach. However I realised why they were there as I reached the lakeside area. The coastal road runs between the sea and a lake at that point though the lake itself is sheltered from the sea by some low-level sand dunes. The car park sits on the seaward side of the same dunes. There was a sailing event being held on the lake. I carried on my walk and finally reached beyond the top end of the lake¬†at which point I turned back in the direction toward home. Now I was on the Promenade which lies on the opposite side of the lake on the edge of the town centre. There were many small yachts each with two people on board taking part in one of the events. One unfortunately had the misfortune of ending up on its side with the mast and sail in the water. After a minute or two the sailors managed to right it though from what I could see they appeared to have taken on board too much water. Bail, bail, bail was the order of the day I suppose. A couple of rescue craft were on standby in case help was needed. I carried on with my walk and reached the park where a couple of weeks earlier was staged the annual Southport ¬†Flower Show.Now there was a mini-run taking place in the park organised by the local authority in aid of or to encourage personal activity. As I reached the top end of Rotten Row there were children and parents enjoying the park amenities and further along many folk were sailing their model boats on the dedicated small lake there. Everyone it seemed was out to enjoy themselves on this late summer Sunday morning.

Shirley Anne