Front garden

Much of the work I have been doing in recent months has been centred upon the rear garden mainly because there is always more to do there. However, though it may seem that the front garden gets neglected that is far from the truth. It simply requires less maintenance than the rear garden. Most of what we do in the front garden is keeping the weeds in check and laying down snail and slug pellets to keep them from devouring the plants. I am not sure how many other areas in the country are so infested with slugs and snails but Southport certainly is. It is only in the last year or so which saw us revamping the front garden flowerbeds. Prior to that it was several years ago, just before we had major renovations done around the garden and house that anything major was done in the front garden. We had three tall pine trees removed and a yew tree cut back a little. We also had removed a hawthorn and a holly tree and they were all just behind the then front wall. The wall was rebuilt with an extra opening in it. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the original frontage but only a couple taken just after the new wall was built. By that time all the tall trees had gone..

From the inside the existing shrubs grew to look like this about three years ago but became much taller since this picture was taken…

Those shrubs had beforehand been kept in the shade because of the pine trees and we had left them alone since then which was seven years ago. I had been promising myself that I would cut them back sometime and indeed E has dropped a few hints too! I had been out for a seven-mile walk on Monday morning (18th) so wasn’t particularly looking for much to do but after lunch I set things up and using the hedge cutter set to work. Now it looks like this..

It may not seem that much was removed but in fact they have been cut down more than half a metre. The hardest part of the work, which took me two and a half hours, was putting the cuttings into the bins as most of them needed cutting again to get them in. At least that is one job that won’t need repeating for a time.

Shirley Anne