More done

I sometimes feel I am not getting enough of the things I want to get done actually done. It’s like I don’t think there is enough time in the day for me to possibly do everything that is on my mind to do. When working as an electrician I sometimes thought to myself how I could get around a problem I was faced with yet I always did somehow. For a few days I resisted the urge to investigate an extremely small leak on the bathroom towel rail. It was one of those things which niggle at you until you finally give in and do it. On Wednesday morning after breakfast I told E that I was going to check out the towel rail and collected the few things I needed to fix it, a small ladder (it is the tall rail shown in the picture), a spanner (wrench). a screwdriver, a bleed key, a rag and some PTFE tape. It took a mere five minutes to valve the rail off, bleed off any air and what little water there was at the bleed-off valve (in picture above), remove the valve and the old PTFE tape, clean around the thread, apply new PTFE tape, put the valve back in the rail and turn on the water. It sounds a lot to do for such a simple job and that is the point, if we analyze too deeply even the smallest thing that wants doing it can put us off doing it. It probably took me longer the collect the tools and materials than actually do the job. E went to her workshop whilst I was doing that and I took the opportunity to get on the treadmill for thirty minutes. Yes, I still use the treadmill occasionally, most days if I can. Soon afterward E mentioned that she needed to post a parcel at the village post office so I offered to drive her there. I told her that we could kill two birds with the one stone by collecting some of the rubbish we had acquired over the years and take it to the tip after she had posted the parcel. Now that the van is empty I was able to dispose of an old metal waste bin we’d had in the garden for years, three large car batteries, containers filled with used vegetable oil, broken lengths of timber, an old radio, an old faulty electric drill, numerous hard plastic items, two rubber bin lids and other bits and bobs. When we arrived at the tip there were many other people disposing of their waste and unwanted items too. I require a permit to use the van to dispose of waste and I applied for one days earlier as the previous one had expired years ago. In fact I was given two permits, one allowing unlimited visits for the disposal of domestic waste and one allowing twelve visits only for disposing of large items such as furniture and washing machines for instance. Both permits run for twelve months then require renewal. It was time for a belated lunch when we returned home and I managed to go for a walk later in the afternoon. The in-between portions of the day were filled with many small domestic chores and some gardening too and here was I  thinking at the start of the day if I could get anything done! It is all about motivation, if you’ve a mind to do something…..just do it!

Shirley Anne