I had it in mind to go for a long walk……

English: Ainsdale beach at high tide There is ...
Ainsdale beach at high tide There is a wide area of flat sand between here and the sand dunes. Elevation as shown by GPS was -1 metre. The Ainsdale Hills in the dunes go up to 15 metres – high relative to the beach! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had it in mind to go for a long walk on Thursday morning so I went to bed a little earlier the previous night. My sleep pattern was such that it was broken and the maximum time I had sleeping at any one point in the night was three hours. I managed a total of six. I was up and dressed before six o’clock and out through the front door twenty minutes later. It was still dark. My plan was to walk along the beach to the next township, Ainsdale, a satellite part of Southport, returning homeward along the coastal road. When I arrived at the path leading down toward the beach I could only see the first few metres of it. Having trodden the route many times I didn’t find it too difficult walking in almost complete darkness. I had to find the path leading off that one which would take me to the sand. During daylight hours I had been using a different path, very muddy in places and winding all over the place but this time I actually found a more direct path, shorter and with less mud. How I missed the path in daylight but could find it easily in the dark I’ll never know. Once on the sand it was a case of simply putting one foot in front of the other for about three miles. I love walking in the gloom as it is that early in the morning and at this time of year. There was a slight off-shore breeze from the sand dunes on my left and it wasn’t warm but I was wrapped-up well. Soon I was on the coastal road walking back home. E was still in bed when I got back. I had just finished eating breakfast when she walked in the room. After cleaning my boots in the garden I went back indoors and decided to do a small job E had asked me to do days ago. It was to cut some timber to make small frames for one of her little crafting projects. It would entail cutting lots of mitres but I didn’t want to do them by hand as it would have taken ages. Out came the mitre saw

…and soon they were cut. E of course was my assistant and we had them done in minutes. Here is one of the many we prepared…..

…and what they will look like before E continues working on them

The back boards had to be cut by hand though we could have used the mitre saw. It wasn’t worth the time it would have taken to set it up. Cutting by hand was quick enough. We left-off assembling the parts for another day. It was something different to do for a change.

Shirley Anne