Nine in the bag

Many months ago I began writing more posts than I wanted to put out at once. At first there were only one or two but for some weeks now that number has risen to nine! It gives me a cushion if nothing else but as I think of things to write about I have to note them down else forget them. There are times I struggle with subjects to write about so it is handy having something to fall back on when that happens. I don’t like writing lengthy posts for fear of boring my readers, if anyone wishes to read more there are probably three and a half thousand other former postings to delve into. That however is entirely up to my readers. Today as I write this it is Tuesday 24 October. This post is scheduled for November 2, today as you read it. I had one of those days whereby I didn’t wish to get out of bed but I finally made it downstairs just after ten nevertheless. E had been up for an hour and had eaten breakfast whereas I just had a banana and went out for a walk. It was almost noon by the time I got back. I waited until after one before having my lunch with E. She had mentioned something about the leak we had in the downstairs front lounge, the one we haven’t used in years because it is filled with my son’s furniture. That is another story but we are fortunate to have two other lounges so not being able to use that one right now isn’t a problem. E was hinting that maybe I should be taking a look outside to see if there was anything I could do to prevent further leaks. She had noticed the leak in the bay window area when we had the storm ‘Brian’ come our way over the weekend (21/22). The wind had forced the rain behind the lead flashing we had thought but it needed looking at to determine if that was true. So before preparing lunch I got the ladder out and investigated the problem. In the area outside I discovered a loose brick, a couple of holes in the brickwork and exposed timbers behind the guttering. The area in question is at the top left-hand-side of the bay in the picture behind where the drain pipe connects to the guttering. I mixed some cement and somehow managed to squeeze it in behind the guttering to fill in the holes and cover the area with it. I also filled in other gaps in the brickwork as well as inserting some plastic sheeting beneath some of the roof tiles with which to cover the exposed timbers. The work didn’t take long and soon everything was packed away again before we went inside for lunch. At this time I cannot say how successful the repairs will be but one thing I do know is that I have done as much as I could under┬áthe circumstances. What I would really like to happen is to have the roof removed and a new redesigned version fitted instead. I have never liked the roof over the bay window. That work would be best done during the summer months. In the meantime we play the waiting game and hope the repairs are successful.

Shirley Anne