Odd dreams

I have to say that most of my dreams are odd. Read some of them in ‘My Dreams’ above. For quite a while I haven’t experienced or remember having a dream. Perhaps that is a good thing for I think it reveals I am not under stress or have any undue pressures upon me when awake. For me, dreams are a sign of a troubled mind or one that has too much on it! I had the dream on the night of Oct 30. Make of it what you will…

In this dream I was without gender, meaning I wasn’t sure if in the dream I was male or female. I had a small son, probably about six years old but for some reason I was expecting another child. There was an easel in front of me similar to some music stands that can be found but it had a flat metal plate which wasn’t turned up at the bottom as you would expect for a music stand. That meant anything placed on it would slide off except that there was some sort of lever at the bottom for releasing the plate from its stand. Why I had placed the new baby on the easel I couldn’t imagine but he was wrapped as tiny babies are when first-born. Now this was odd, he seemed to be about eighteen months old! Not only that but his brother whom also I was expecting at the same time as he was born arrived on the scene as if he had just left the womb! I had twins separated by eighteen months and a six-year old who appeared to be eighteen months old too! I remembered tilting back the easel so that the baby wouldn’t slide off yet the lever was big enough to have prevented that anyway. Though there were now three children I was acting as if there were only two.

Shirley Anne