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English: Ainsdale beach car park entrance
 Ainsdale beach car park entrance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a poor night’s sleep I still woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day though it was nine o’clock before I got out of bed. I was going to skip breakfast and take a long walk. I did however eat a banana before setting off. Actually I didn’t much feel like eating but thought it best to have something. For a change I walked to the beach entrance (in picture) at Ainsdale which is about three miles or so south from home though it is further when taking the route along the beach as I first have to walk to the beach of course. That is approaching three-quarters of a mile away. However, rather than going directly on to the beach I decided this time to walk through the dunes to my destination and then make the return journey along the beach. The dune paths meander all over the place so the walk is made more strenuous because of that. As the route is also sheltered from the sea it is warmer too, especially when the sun is shining as it was on Saturday morning. It was beginning to be uncomfortable because of this but soon I was more in the open as I approached the beach where I would turn back to walk home. There isn’t much to see along the beach to be honest, sand dunes on one side and the sea on the other but it is essentially flat all the way.

English: Ainsdale Beach and Sand Dunes. This p...
Ainsdale Beach and Sand Dunes. This photo was taken on New Years Eve in 2004, looking north along the sands toward  Birkdale. Behind the dunes lies Ainsdale National Nature Reserve, home to Natterjack Toads. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I was on the beach heading northward (roughly) it was much cooler in the strong breeze that was blowing. As I reached the point where I needed to get off the beach I couldn’t locate where it was. There is a path of sorts as I have explained in previous posts, it is often muddy and wet, in fact more often that not which makes it difficult to see as most of the terrain around there is similar. I had walked passed it without realising yet though I retraced my steps the path eluded me. On reflection I hadn’t retraced my steps far back enough. The path is far easier to spot from the other end of it! I decided to take a chance and wade through the tall grass which covers the area even though it hides many pools of water and muddy places. It took me about twenty minutes to step gingerly across to the firm ground only a matter of metres away from the path’s other end. The rest of the walk thereafter was straightforward and soon I was back home feeling a little more tired than usual. I thought it strange that I found the path quite easily one morning before sunrise a few weeks ago when it was pitch black!

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