Dining room

In our house there are three reception rooms or lounges, though one of those is not in use at the moment because of the furniture stored in it. The furniture belongs to my eldest son and his wife who as yet haven’t found a place of their own and live with her parents. The room we call the dining room was once the kitchen but when we moved into the house almost thirty years ago we decided to move the kitchen to the much smaller annex to the room. The vacant room became a breakfast/dining room. The smaller kitchen works fine as the washing machine and chest freezers are down in the cellar leaving enough space for a range cooker, fridge.freezer, sink and cupboards. The dishwasher is hidden in the dining area though a more recent additional fridge.freezer stands in the same room. When we refurbished the dining room after removing all the kitchen units that were in there we decided to make it look medieval in appearance. That meant lining the walls in wood and fitting ceiling timbers for effect. Added to those we constructed a canopy over the windows and installed a solid stone sink and an old hand pump.

In the two pictures above which were taken many years ago before we had double-glazing you can see the top of the windows, the stone sink and pump and the cupboard next to them inside of which is the dishwasher. The top picture shows part of the ceiling timbers we installed. At the time we opted to have the ceiling painted either in red or royal blue and as you can see we chose red. E was talking with me a few days ago and she mentioned she would like the ceiling painted in white and I too felt it needed changing after so many years. On Saturday last week she went out for the afternoon to her meeting and while she was out I erected some of the tower scaffolding in the room and began the transformation of the ceiling. It would be several days before the whole ceiling was done as it needed at least two coats to block out the red colour. This is how far I got in the little time I had after collecting the materials and erecting the tower. 

The tower had to remain in the room until the work was finished so it was a case of moving it around so we still use the room for our meals. (Click on pictures to magnify)

Shirley Anne