Spring clean?

We Are Ever So Clean
We Are Ever So Clean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the saying goes, Spring cleaning usually gets done in Spring but not on my watch, I do it throughout the year! I live with someone who, shall I say, is often reluctant to tidy around the house these days. Whether that is due to her condition or she has turned lazy I am not sure though she does get stuck in if she sees me doing it, usually when I am working or we have both been working on a project at home. However, if I take it upon myself to simply tidy up because I think it needs it she often doesn’t want to get involved and actually resists me doing it. After going for a walk through the sand dunes because it was far too windy to be on the beach I returned home feeling refreshed and rearing to finish the dining room work. Although I had completed the work of painting the ceiling on the previous day I wanted to check it over and paint over any missed spots and indeed there were a few. So after a quick snack I set about the work. Once that work was completed both E and I dismantled the scaffolding tower and I stored it away in the garage. As I had eaten a late breakfast I wasn’t hungry when E sat down to eat her lunch but I had a drink and sat with her. We have an open cupboard space in the corner of the dining room on which there is a television. We often watch the television when dining. Above are a couple of shelves on which were stored all sorts of things from a dismantled hamster cage and accessories belonging to our youngest son, vases, pictures, boxes with new items having never been used sealed inside them. One was a large ‘slow cooker’, another a coffee machine both it seems had been won by E entering one of her competitions. She is always winning prizes. For some time I had wanted to tidy the area as it was an eyesore. I mentioned to E that I was going to tidy the space whilst she was out shopping and she immediately went on the defence making it obvious to me that she didn’t want me doing it. She thinks I will throw things away without consulting her but she has known me long enough to know I wouldn’t do that. The space got tidied and only rubbish was thrown out. It would be better if I fitted a door over the space so that it becomes a proper cupboard but the television would need a new home. Maybe I’ll think about that one.

Shirley Anne