Slowly recycling

English: A contradiction in terms! Whatever go...
A contradiction in terms! Whatever goes through the minds of the people who put up these signs? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I seem to be getting faster in my treadmill regime, running quicker, longer and further and slowly improving all the time. Sounds a contradiction in terms but progress has to be slower rather than quicker, building stamina takes time. It isn’t that my stamina was ever low but having neglected the stricter regime I had until a few months ago it dropped off somewhat. Now it is slowly improving with each session I have. Being an active person exercising has never been a problem for me. If I wasn’t working I would be exercising most of the time. Nothing has really changed over the years, I am still actively working at home now that I have retired from the electrical industry and my exercising continues. My latest trend has been clearing out unwanted items and materials, things we have accumulated over the years and stored in various places around the house. The advantages of having a large house are often outweighed by the inclination to ‘put things away in case they might be useful one day’. Worse still we have cellar rooms which are very handy for storing things then forgetting about them until the rooms become cluttered. When we stripped out the main bathroom three and a half years ago most if not all of the timber that was removed was stored in the cellar. I have always tended to keep timber because it is often useful and has been very useful when I have been engaged in projects at home. Why buy new when there is plenty in storage? Having said that I am now beginning to rationalise my stock of used timber and taking what I no longer need to the recycle centre. My now empty van is worth its weight in gold when it comes to clearing out the house. On Friday morning after much exercising on the treadmill E and I emptied out a bench seat we have which was stocked full of telecom, computer and power cables together with routers, old computers and computer equipment, and power adapters none of which are now of any use and we loaded them into the van. The broken dishwasher was already in the van waiting to be dumped. We had removed a lot of timber from the cellar and loaded that on the van together with bags of old clothes and odds and ends. We drove to the recycle centre and dumped it all. Much still remains to be disposed of but it is a slow process and will take time to complete. It may take months but there is no hurry. I am just happy it is getting done

Shirley Anne