They get more weird

There’s a lot going on in my mind lately. Most of what I think about is trivia, mundane stuff of everyday life but even so they play on my mind. The thing is I get ideas and if I don’t take action they remain floating around inside my brain until I do something about them. I think this is the main reason I get weird dreams. Much of the content in my dreams has nothing to do with what has been going on in my waking hours. I was talking with E about this a few days ago. I have a theory about dreams, their content that is. Throughout our lives we gain knowledge and experience of all sorts of things. During our waking hours or our conscious periods we rely upon that accumulated knowledge and experience to aid us in our day-to-day living. However, when we are asleep in our subconscious state there is little need to use most of that knowledge and experience. The information is still there of course and I think that when we sleep the subconscious state of our minds makes use of the information in dreams. When awake we can make sense of all the information we have but when asleep the information is used randomly and is often disjointed. In our conversation I likened it to the workings of a computer that was faulty. The ‘C’ drive in a computer is actually a very rapidly spinning disk on which is stored all the information we put into the computer. Reading heads collect the various stored data collating the information so that it can be used sensibly. As the data is often randomly stored the machine has to collect the information from wherever it is on the disk. The reading heads are controlled indirectly by the input from the user. When we are asleep we are unable to control anything. (Certain things our bodies do automatically happen whether we are awake or asleep). If the reading heads have no direction they cannot collect information. Our subconscious thoughts have no direction yet we can dream. Dreams are like random bits of information which join together in an attempt to make sense. They happen because there is nothing controlling them. I feel this is the reason so many of my dreams are weird.

Weird Dreams
Weird Dreams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have this dream or parts of it on a fairly regular basis. It is centred around a very large house which has fallen into disrepair and has become quite dilapidated. It is several storeys high and has problems with its roof, there are large holes in it. The floors throughout the house are wooden and the stairways rickety and worn. On the upper floor on one side of the house is attached a veranda, a covered walkway open on one side to the elements. Reaching it is difficult. A narrow twisting stair leads to the end of the corridor of the veranda. There are holes in the wall and cobwebs everywhere. On the other side of the wall is a large hall where the holes in the roof can be seen. On the next floor below are several small rooms which can be reached using either of two staircases from the lower floors. Part of those stairways remind me of the old staircase in my primary school and in the dream if I walk them I think I am back in school. The lowest floor has numerous open spaces all covered in spiders webs and there are holes everywhere in the wooden floorboards. There doesn’t seem to be any windows or rather glass in the window frames and neither are there any doors on the ground floor. Initially in the dream the house stands on the side of a grassy hill and is surrounded with hedgerows. The house apparently has around forty rooms. Later in the dream when I am walking inside the house it now is located in the centre of a busy street in a town. People are walking along the sidewalk only a metre from the path surrounding the house yet they don’t notice the house or those in it, myself and unknown companions. In a recent dream I saw some small animals which at first I thought were mice eating something on the ground floor. As I drew near I saw that they were very small squirrels, mice-sized in fact! They scurried away and disappeared down one of the holes in the floor. Myself and some others went into the cellar rooms to see where they had gone and we discovered around thirty or so of them covering a corner in the room. They all ran outside through a hole in the wall and when I followed after them I saw myself at ground level facing the busy high street. No-one saw that I was there. That was the end of the dream.

Each time the house is in my dream I find it is different inside in some places. Its location is different and I find myself in different situations too.

Shirley Anne