He is waiting for your return

Luke 15:7
If Jesus were to tell the parable of the lost sheep today, he might make it the parable of the lost dog. The idea is the same. If your dog runs off, you search for it until you find it. And when you bring it home, your family celebrates.

Parable of the Lost Drachma
Parable of the Lost Drachma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next story is better understood with a bit of historical explanation. Palestinian women traditionally received a set of 10 coins as a wedding gift. These coins were carried around in a purse or on a chain and held a significance similar to a modern-day wedding ring. As such, these coins held sentimental value that went well beyond their monetary value. No wonder this woman would search so fervently to find the lost coin, and no wonder she would want to celebrate after finding it!
We might even be able relate to the third story. Imagine that you’re a parent and your son leaves home with as much money as he can pull together. He sets out for a big city like New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. He is on his own. But instead of working and being responsible, he blows every cent on drugs, sex and alcohol and ends up on the street, homeless and hungry.
As his parent, you worry about him. Every time the phone rings, you hope it’s him. One day you open the front door, and there he stands! Relief is immediate. You throw your arms around him. Words can’t express the joy you feel. Your son who was lost is home!
These three stories express how God feels about every spiritual explorer. And it’s how he feels about you. He’s looking for you because he loves you. God is eager to forgive you, and all of heaven is ready to celebrate your return. But, like the son in the third story, you must decide to come home to his waiting arms.
Taken from NIV The NIV Journey Bible

So it is with God. He made you even if you don’t believe in that. He gave you life, your spirit, that part of you which makes you who you are was given, was planted in you at the beginning. Before you were born God knew you. If you are far from God it isn’t He who moved! It was you. Perhaps you don’t understand, perhaps you are unsure, perhaps you are cynical but whatever and whoever you are God loves you. He wants you to know His love and the high price He paid for you to come to Him. Our sins keep us separated from God and we are unable to restore the relationship. God however knows this and that is why He made the ultimate sacrifice to show you He loves you. He gave His only Son Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for our sins. What a wonderful free gift of love! As we approach Christmas we should remember that gift of love and turn to Him. Accepting Jesus as your Saviour is the only way to restore your relationship with God. Don’t let another year pass, another moment pass, another opportunity to return home to the open arms waiting to embrace you.

Shirley Anne