Advertiser’s nightmare

Watching the television for me can be a very active occupation……….for my index finger! Isn’t technology wonderful? No, not really, for me anyway, I am not into technology, at least in unessential areas. Technology is great in certain fields like medicine, policing and other areas to an extent. The advent of the television remote control was one such innovative and useful invention which put an end to having to arise from the armchair to change channels.

English: A photograph of the red button on a d...
A photograph of the red button on a digital television remote control. The button is used to access interactive services on participating channels e.g. music shows, sports matches. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, since televisions developed and progressed as they have they became computers in the process too. This meant the controller needed to be more sophisticated too. Now we can search through program menus and text information without effort and without getting out of the chair. For me though the greatest part of that technology is the ability to switch off the sound whilst the advertisements are running! One of the reasons I like the BBC channels is the fact that they have no advertisements to bore me soft. It isn’t that advertising is really a bad thing but the way the advertisers operate these days is irritating and annoying. As an example I was watching a certain program which ran for an hour and after the first ten minutes there was an advertising slot which ran for five minutes. This pattern followed through the whole hour which meant the program content lasted forty minutes and the advertisement lasted twenty minutes or half as long as the program. In fact by the time the program’s introduction and ending credits had run the program was only thirty-five minutes long! What made it worse was the adverts were repeated time and time again as if the advertisers were trying to brainwash the viewer. Actually that is what they are trying to do! It doesn’t work with me. Knowing a particular brand and having the advert pushed in my face over and over again only serves to put me off and it doesn’t influence my purchases. Enter my index finger…..when the adverts start my finger pushes the mute button. I guess I am one of those people, and I’ll wager there are many, who are an advertiser’s nightmare…….we just don’t want to know.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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