Why do we say that?

Most of us will have used and still do use the phrases seen below and many more besides. Not all the origins if any of these sayings and phrases will be known by most of us either I don’t suppose. The reasons we use them are usually to enhance the meaning of something we have said or to give it an analogy. Many of these phrases are also often used in error or they are misquoted in ignorance.  We may think these sayings are relatively new but in fact many of them originated centuries ago. Their possible use was first of all to add humour to a situation or to explain graphically an event. Whatever their original use they still maintain a presence in our lives today. Probably most of the time we don’t think about using them because they have become a part of the way we express ourselves.

Pulling out the stops
Head over heels
Dressed to the nines
As dead as a door nail
Sleep tight
Raining cats and dogs
Gordon Bennett
A little bird told me
A load of cobblers
Motley Crew

Here is a site which traces the origins and use of the sayings we use..


Have fun reading about them.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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