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Formby Station ...
Formby Station … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It had been some time since I last remembered a dream I’d had but a few days ago I awoke during the night after dreaming this, another of my weird dreams. I used to live in Freshfield which is the northern part of a small township called Formby eight miles south from my present residence. Freshfield actually occupies almost half of the total combined township. There are two train stations, one in Freshfield and the other in Formby and they are around one mile apart on the same rail network line from Liverpool to Southport. I lived around a mile away from each of them. The one at Freshfield has a level crossing whilst the one at Formby has a road bridge over the tracks. Both stations are surrounded by housing estates. However, in this dream I was walking across a park toward the Formby station and I could see various people walking up and down the sidewalk that was on the road bridge. I was on my way to catch a train into Liverpool but I had spoken to my then boss who told me I would be able to join with him on the next train if I could get there in time. I had twenty minutes spare as I approached the road bridge. On the bridge I could see an ex-colleague who having seen me suddenly decided to increase his step hoping I wouldn’t see him. Why he did that I wasn’t sure for I hadn’t wronged him. I reached the bridge and walked over to the other side to take the train going south to Liverpool but instead of turning into the station I carried on walking as if unable to stop until reaching the bottom of the bridge. I had to turn and walk back but on the way I stopped at an open bar which sold fast food, something fried on a griddle like pancakes for instance. There isn’t such a place in Formby and never was. Anyway I was second in the queue for service but the woman behind the counter deliberately chose to ignore me and served the next customer instead. She knew I was trying to board the next train which happened to have turned up at that moment. It wasn’t a passenger train but one of those service trains used to carry out repair work on the lines. My boss was standing atop of the engine and called me to join him. I hasten to add he was never a train line worker in life and neither was I. He gave me a minute or two to collect my fried snack and I turned to the woman who refused to serve me. She was crying because she knew she was being nasty toward me but didn’t apologise. I turned away and boarded the train with the snack that someone else had served me. I woke up at that point.

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