Isolation at will

Ladies in Retirement
Ladies in Retirement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idea was mine, the thought of freedom was too strong and all I wanted was to be left alone, isolated from the hum-drum of life for a while. It was time to hang up my overalls and stash my tools away, I was going to retire for a spell. Well that spell grew longer and longer and before I knew it my unofficial retirement became official. I had made it through the previous months without doing any paid work and it felt good. When working I was often asked about my retirement and when it would be, though people didn’t ask the question until I had revealed to them my age. The reason I mention that is I was also often asked how long I had been in the profession. When I revealed that information I wasn’t taken seriously at first because I don’t look my age. So in reply to their asking about my retirement I would tell them I had no immediate intentions to do so. That was true but I also told them that if my advertisement was missing from the newspaper then I was either on holiday, was retired or else I was dead. That always got a laugh but in all honesty it couldn’t be anything but the truth. It didn’t stop people phoning my number, at least for the first few months after my retirement which began last April last year. Occasionally the house phone would ring too and in both cases I would tell the caller I was no longer available for work. Eventually I stopped answering the calls just for the peace. In any case I often don’t answer the house phone because of the many nuisance calls we used to get and occasionally still do. I check the callers’ number after they have hung up and many, if not most of the time it has been a local domestic call. I am just not available but it appears the callers don’t read the newspaper because they have my business card. It doesn’t bother me as I don’t answer the calls. Eventually the calls will cease anyway. Today, Wednesday as I write, I received but two calls only and that is a blessing. One was a suspected request for work and the other was my next-door neighbour who wanted to know which wheelie bin should be put out for emptying the next day! She can never remember. She did however call me on my mobile phone so I knew who it was calling. Sometimes though and quite often I don’t carry my phone with me as I just wish to be left alone.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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