People say……

…..that I am mad but don’t believe a word of it, honest. It’s just that my two brain molecules sometimes cannot cope, I mean well it’s like this you see..

Spledificusious allyvick all mongled moven dankworthystill.
Witherspooned magoolicated crackleburgers notwithsat among
And capsicarno trunnymungle fortune athrill
Twas all the elephotomusses poo to wit too pong!

Glasing the twaglets all a crungbutty spreaded
Amidlington a berry merry beauty
Dullshecam over the johnbat a merry fed
When ofttrill bedring thence about her tootsy!

(Copyright Shirley Anne 12 Feb 2004)

and..A tricorniansquirrelhornmakepiece teracottamogwheel spadeconnectioningtondale and company limited cronjul tripe ooblidoobli  thingimumbobsit:- Or words to that effect, so I was

On my squirrelhorn and makepiece
Trundling by my looberstrom
Krilled by dawn and featherington
Teracotta mogwheel dumb.

Finglingting and fusimumble
Scorching tangled mooglestripe
Corn and oobla tangimanpole
Cronge my ooglitooglitipe.

Perm and mangled herbidantrop
Tri my cornian hatpinbob
Formilang a doobliwotsit
Corpuling a mingled sod.

(Copyright Shirley Anne 6 Jan 03)

Breakfasting on hammy hamules,
Quaffing down my squidgey ale,
Munching on an some nanapancas,
With my feet all numb and pale.

Putting on my cloakywokey
And my woolen caplingpiece,
Trot I too with all the mogwheels
Down towards my darling neice.

(Copyright Shirley Anne 8 Feb 2004)

and that must be why

Shirley (album)
Shirley (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a little rubber room
I play in every day,
I’d have a chair to sit on
But they carted it away.
I sit on polystyrene
My bed is made of sponge,
The food I get is wobbly
Just like a cold blancmange.
I used to have some clothing
I used to have some shoes,
They used to come and speak with me
And tell me all the news.
One day I’ll get my freedom
One day they’ll let me free,
Then we can be two nuts together
You and crazy me.

(Copyright Shirley Anne 29 Feb 2004)

I’m only kidding you know…………..but I can’t find the key.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

Happy to be alive because of Jesus