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Around about, inside out, upside down….take your pick, that’s the way of the weather just now on the last day of January. I’ve not been for a walk recently, nothing to do with the weather, just that I have been busy and also taking more exercise on the gym equipment. Things will change as they normally do, it just means my usual schedule or regime has altered a little. It is an awkward time of year for being outdoors gardening though some things need doing despite the weather. It is the rain and sleet showers coupled with blustery winds which keep me out of the garden but I have been digging out a few bluebells before they develop too much. I have to dig out the bulbs to ensure they won’t return and there shouldn’t be many of them this year, nothing like those I had to remove last year by a long way. I have kept myself busy with little projects inside the house while I wait for the weather to improve. The sun is beginning to shine on more of the (rear) garden with each passing day as it gets progressively higher in the sky. Spring isn’t that far away and I am looking forward to it. The rhubarb I had relocated a few weeks ago is already beginning to sprout leaves and in a day or two hence I hope to be planting some seeding potatoes in the same bed. It has been quite some time since we grew potatoes but we did get a good crop at that time. We have deliberately chosen a variety better suited for boiling rather than one more suitable for making chips (fries). I prefer the former anyway. There is something special about small new potatoes covered in melting butter with a pinch of salt I think. As I sit inside writing this with the wind blowing showers of sleet and rain onto the window and the low temperature outside my thoughts are set to the warmer times ahead. Maybe I’ll be eating those newly grown potatoes.

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