Oh what a lovely Sunday

It was so nice to be lying there in bed on Sunday morning  knowing there was absolutely no reason not to! Usually I am up and about not long after I awake and that is more often than not early. I had nothing planned for the day so I took the opportunity to stay put under the warm duvet for just that little while longer before getting up. As it was I didn’t get downstairs until after ten-thirty and skipped my usual breakfast of oats or muesli and fruit having a slice of toast and a coffee instead. I made up the shortfall at lunch instead! Anyway, what was I going to do until then? I decided I wanted to do some baking and cakes would be my preference. I have to say I have a weakness for cakes and like to treat myself to one occasionally. E is also fond of cakes but she has her own preferences in what she likes and they often conflict with mine, though I will eat almost any cake variety. This time it would be cup cakes (fairy cakes, butterfly cakes etc.). Essentially Victoria Sponge mix but baked in small paper or metal cups. As I usually do I prepared twice the quantity for they will keep for a few days when wrapped-up properly. Having prepared the mixture I divided it into two halves and mixed desiccated coconut into one of the portions. I like coconut whereas E hates it! She is like that with many foodstuffs. The cakes took a mere thirty minutes to bake in the oven and soon we were able to eat one. Delicious! Just like mother used to bake……ahem. Actually my mom was a really good cook and baker of cakes of all kinds. I suppose my passion for cakes and for baking them stem from those days. One particular type of cake she excelled at baking was a Christmas cake, a really rich fruit cake with molasses and brandy in it. She wouldn’t let us anywhere the kitchen whilst it was baking in the oven, and that could take hours! Even some of the fruit cakes I have baked can take between one and two hours. It was such a lovely day on Sunday (4th) and very much like a Spring day, warm in  the sunshine with almost totally blue skies. Why did I need to do anything if I had no need to?

Shirley Anne