Pesky cats

Maybe it is that you are a cat person, a lover of cats and of course that is your choice but for me I prefer dogs. It isn’t that I don’t like cats for I do. It’s a bit like babies, I like babies as long as they belong to other people! Cats for me fall into the same category. Babies, adorable as they may be, cry a lot, crawl around a lot when very young and can make a nuisance of themselves sometimes but they can be taught. I was going to write ‘trained’ though that would be correct in a way I think taught is a better word in this case. Cats however simply cannot be trained. Cats do their own thing and no amount of ‘training’ will change that. Cats may be deterred but not trained in the normal sense of the word. In a house it is difficult to keep kitty from where she wishes to sleep, usually the best sofa in front of the fire for one, on top of the bed is another. They just like being warm and cozy much like we do but we don’t sleep on top of a car bonnet do we? We don’t climb trees and not be able to climb down from them often resulting in an expensive process for anyone wanting to help them. We don’t own cats as we might own a dog. Cats own us, they do as they please but will respond to anyone wishing to pamper them. In that respect they are not stupid. The problem with cats is they are allowed to roam freely. This is when they can be a nuisance, not to their ‘owners’, oh no, to others. They will roam about their marked territory digging here and there to bury their stools irrespective of where that might be with impunity. When dogs do the same thing action is possible for invariably the owner is known but for cats it is more often not the case. Their owners seemingly are oblivious to their little pets’ misdemeanours or don’t wish to think about it. Nothing can be done of course except to keep their pet indoors, not a practical idea. I seems therefore that everyone has to put up with it all. On a personal note, I am often chasing cats from our gardens in an attempt to dissuade them from being there. Clapping hands and shouting ‘Shoo’ works but they return days later having forgotten they are not welcome. I wish however owners wouldn’t let their cats out at night when no-one can see them getting up to mischief! You cannot blame the cat for being a cat but you can blame the owner for their lack of consideration. If cats were rats I’d shoot them. Now I have to add here that we have owned several cats in the past, dogs too but we were younger then and didn’t much care where kitty went during the day. Once or twice kitty never came back…..

Shirley Anne