Tuesday hadn’t turned out bad after all.

After I had written yesterday’s post late in the morning it was lunch time. I had just moved the Elliptical trainer if you remember and now after lunch I was eager to make some sort of start on the floor. E had a scheduled appointment at three o’clock with her physiotherapist for problems with her shoulder. It was only the previous week she had similar treatment for her ankle. Evidently they couldn’t schedule the appointments to run consecutively, something to do with different therapists and/or treatment. This mean unless I stayed at home I wouldn’t be available to receive her batch of medication drugs when it was delivered. I wanted however to get into the cellar and do some work and might not be able to hear the doorbell should it ring. I wasn’t prepared to just sit around on the off-chance the guy delivering the drugs called while E was out. I left the doors open in the cellar and upstairs and was able to begin the work of removing the stone flooring. It was easier than I had first thought. The main problem was in removing the first couple of stones. I chose to remove those already broken and in less than twenty minutes had this much done…

Storing the good stones here next to the boiler…

Once I have sorted the far end of the area where that concrete block sits my next task is to dig out the sand. The sand incidentally is clean enough to be used for mixing the concrete! The guy delivering the drugs didn’t arrive whilst I was doing the work but came later.

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