The pit……

….or a hole in the cellar floor! In yesterday’s post I wrote about beginning the work in the cellar room we now call the gym (boiler room too). The work is being done to lower the floor where the Elliptical trainer stands. It is now  Wednesday 7th as I write late in the afternoon having spent a few hours in the cellar though that is not strictly true. On getting up this morning I spent some time on the treadmill before breakfast and after breakfast I began the laborious task of digging out the exposed sand until at the end of the working day, that is four o’clock by which time I had filled these bags…

…which left this hole in the floor…

The heap of broken bricks together with the smaller pieces in the large white bucket had to be filtered from the sand too. It was very tiring work as sand, even this dry stuff, is quite heavy. Although I spent five and a half hours working only three and a half were spent digging the pit. I had also spent an hour in the garden digging out a few bluebells which had appeared beneath these bushes and trees left of centre.

The other hour was for lunch, the only break I had in the day. Initially I had thought there would only be sand to dig out but builders will be builders and they put all the building rubble in with it. Actually I suppose that makes sense and for two reasons, one, it saves disposing of the rubble in land-fill and two, it makes the area more solid for laying the stone tiles. The sand fills in the spaces in the rubble and provides a cushion for the tiles to lay upon. I am able to dig alongside the remaining tiles without fear of them dropping into the hole as long as I don’t disturb the foundations beneath them whilst the work is proceeding. It would be impossible to do that if there was only sand beneath them. Even so I will have to add concrete to the exposed foundation as the work progresses.

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