Not far off

Now that I am retired there isn’t the necessity to gallop at a pace when working on my domestic projects nevertheless I don’t like dragging my heels and am keen to get on with things. Sometimes however there are times when I have to wait before the next stage can begin. This is especially so when doing building work, you simply cannot rush the setting of concrete and mortar. On my latest little project I have had to wait for concrete to set before I could proceed to the next stage. The end of the project is not far off, probably only a couple of days in actual man-hours but probably a week or two in real terms. On Monday (19th) I reached this stage…. 

On Saturday I had placed some cement in spots in the pit to serve as guides for depth when I lay the screed. On Monday after filling in the area shown at the top right in the above picture I had some mix left over so I decided to make more guides. Even so there was more concrete left which I just dumped in between the guides though not level with them. The guides are those along the brick wall, those along the near edge and those running down the centre between them. Everything else is just filling in the spaces. I was hoping to lay the screed the following day, that is Tuesday. Later I added a strengthening bracket to the hand rail I had fitted a few days ago..

When E saw it she immediately said I had put it there so she could place her drink upon! Of course I did!

Shirley Anne