Not quite there

My little project in the cellar is nearing completion but is not quite there yet. On Friday morning (23rd) the plan was to seal the now set concrete screed and the rest of the concrete using a proprietary¬†concrete liquid sealant. That I did soon after breakfast and after lunch it had dried. I also applied the top coat of paint to the handrail and post. I was now able to apply an undercoat of paint to the pit surfaces which itself was a sealant too. This it how it looked when I had finished…

I have still to tackle the exposed brickwork at the rear of the pit which perhaps needs a little rendering applied before it is subsequently painted. Following that there is a little sprucing up of the surrounding floor area to be carried out and I also intend to re-position the power outlet I installed a few weeks ago. Finally I have the task of partially dismantling the Elliptical Trainer before placing it into the pit for re-assembly. I am already making plans for another small project which needs to be done and that is to sort out some problems with the driveway E uses to get in and out of her garage. Some of the flagstones have become loose and in fact they need lifting in order to fill-in the spaces beneath them before I then set them in place again. I may find the remaining sand I dug out to form the pit will be very useful for this job. The only problem will be the weather, I need a couple of dry days to carry out the work.

Shirley Anne