At last!

Just a short post today as there is not much to report. I was up and about quite early on Monday, the last Monday of the month. I had set my thoughts on finally finishing off the work on the pit. Actually there was very little to do on the pit itself, just some painting. The main task was to alter the electrical supply to the area. I disconnected the power outlet and re-positioned it further along the wall and installing a fused switch in its place to control it….

Compare with picture in yesterday’s post. The painting involved touching up here and there and painting an extra row of the bricks to bring it in-line with the curved step on the left in the picture. It was all done in a little over an hour. When we get the Elliptical trainer into the pit I will post a picture. Hopefully that will be in a day or two. I may consider installing a low-level rail around the exposed edge of the pit to the right and in front leaving a gap  near to the tall rail to allow access to the machine. If I do it will be later in the year. As I sit writing this I am at a loose end wondering what to tackle next. When I retired last year I thought I would find it difficult filling in my time but in our house there is always something that can be done. I simply have to be in the right frame of mind! For the time being I think a little rest from larger projects is on the cards.

Shirley Anne


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