Lighter work, brighter day

It hardly ever snows around these parts…..until it does!

This was the scene which greeted me when I arose on Tuesday (27th). By lunchtime much of it had disappeared at least on the pathways and roads where the sun was shining. The sun shone throughout the day and we had blue skies. It took Siberian weather to give us snow and very cold winds though on Tuesday the wind had subsided somewhat. I had placed windbreaks around some of the exposed plants in the rear garden for although the plants could withstand low temperatures the cold wind could do more damage. For other plants I wrapped some of the more exposed ones with bubble wrap to protect their cores. Again it was for protection from the wind. Later in the week we were to expect the wind to finally veer more from the south and therefore less cold. I wasn’t venturing outdoors, at least during the morning as I had work to do, this time though only light work, painting the wall behind the new pit. It was about time for the room to be redecorated anyway but a start on that particular wall was necessary in order to allow us to move the trainer into the pit. Before that happens I will paint the ceiling above the pit and that part of the room will be finished. Of course I didn’t paint elsewhere for I didn’t wish to work all day. I did however fill in some holes with plaster before stopping for the day even though it was only eleven o’clock.

Shirley Anne